Court Dress Code

The dress code applies to all parties, witnesses, parents, and other participants who will come into court.

Please read it carefully.

  • Your clothing should be clean, neat, well-fitted, and appropriate in court. You may not wear spandex or skin-tight clothes, or clothing that is oversized or baggy. You may not wear hats inside court unless required by religious belief or needed due to medical condition.
  • You may not wear camouflage outfits, warm-up, or jogging suits. You may not wear sweat pants.
  • You may not wear tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, or tops that show cleavage or reveal the abdomen.
  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in. Sweaters do not have to be tucked in.
  • Your clothing may not display any obscene, insulting, disrespectful, or alcohol/drug related messages.
  • You may not wear gang colors or display gang-related signs or symbols.
  • Skirts may be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • Skirts and pants must be worn at the natural waist and pants must be supported by belt or suspenders.
  • Girls, who have reached puberty, and women, must wear bras.
  • Both boys and girls may wear jeans which are neat and clean, have no holes or patches, and are not frayed.
  • You may not wear shorts or cutoffs.
  • You may not wear bedroom shoes or slippers.
  • You may wear earrings (one per ear) but no other piercings.

Exceptions may be made as needed for children in custody and for other good cause in the discretion of the judge.

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