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Fleet Services

Fleet Services

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Keith Butler


Fleet Services

The Fleet Services is a full service facility focusing on preventative maintenance, operational efficiency and continual fleet availability in order to serve the citizens of Macon while delivering  high-quality services. This department manages a fleet of over 1600 vehicles/equipment assigned to various Macon-Bibb County Departments. The Fleet Services now houses the Macon Transit Authority’s maintenance division. Our day-to-day operations are driven by our goal to keep the city rolling safely, efficiently, and “greening-the-fleet”. Maintaining vehicle performance is paramount and quality service is key.

Conservation & Awareness

Macon-Bibb County lead the way in alternative fuel initiatives over 10 years ago with the installation of both propane and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel ports. The Fleet Services supports this commitment through the use of alternate fuel vehicles, hybrid pilot programs, and securing grant funding for emission control efforts.

In April 2009, Macon-Bibb County Vehicle Maintenance Department participated in a MACK Hybrid Refuse Vehicle test program that provides the use of Model LEU for daily garbage collection within Macon-Bibb County . This Electric powered hybrid has powered by an electric motor with a nominal voltage of 600V. We hope you will join us in thinking green!

We consider community and employee involvement a key component of our awareness goals. The Fleet Services has a history of sponsoring car care clinics, youth internship programs and career development fairs. These are viable venues for educating the community and users of the importance of conserving valuable fuel resources, familiarity with their vehicles and also career opportunities. We also issue Public Service announcements through internal emails and local broadcast channel 14 on the topic of car care and preservation.

The Fleet Services is an integral part of the Clean Cities Coalition and its initiatives.