Macon-Bibb County

Fleet Services

Repair & Maintenance

Macon-Bibb County’s fleet is serviced and maintained by our team of ASE Certified technicians. Our service staff focuses on preventative maintenance through monitoring and tracking the condition of the vehicles to ensure efficiency and safety. It is a tremendous asset to have the same mechanics working on familiar equipment, affording reduced expenses and user confidence. The 12 member repair and maintenance staff is responsible for proper diagnosis and competent repair. The on-call repair staff offers flexibility of services and availability during unforeseen emergencies such as severe weather and road calls.

Interesting Fact:
The Macon-Bibb County Vehicle Maintenance repair technicians work under the Flat Rate System, which has sparked the interest of several municipalities and fleet maintenance operations who request to model and/or tour our facilities.

The Fleet Services Parts Room is located on-site and operates under the Just-On-Time supply system; which provides a fifteen minute or less delivery of parts and minimizes overhead. This allows us to maintain an impressive $20,000 inventory.

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