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Zoning Compliance for Macon-Bibb County

It’s highly likely that any project you’re considering, whether it’s as simple as building a fence or as complex as constructing a department store, will necessitate a “Certificate of Zoning Compliance.” This certificate is the way partner reviewing agencies can verify that your proposed project aligns with Macon-Bibb County’s Zoning Regulations. To secure your Zoning Compliance letter, the application needs approval from the Planning and Zoning department. Once approved, the application is then forwarded to various departments for their assessment. Once all departments have given their approval, Planning and Zoning will issue the Zoning Compliance letter. It’s important to note that both obtaining a Building Permit and a Business License require a valid Certificate of Zoning Compliance. Applications can be submitted through our license processing software, Camino.
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  • Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Website:
  • Phone: 478-241-2554
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  • Location: the Macon Mall 3661 Eisenhower Parkway Suite MB104

Building Permit

Any construction that exceeds $2,500 will require a Building Permit. If you have a question about permitting requirements, you are encouraged to contact the Macon-Bibb Building and Fire Safety Department at 478-803-0466, by email at or on our website.
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Business License

Any person or entity that is engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation in Macon-Bibb County, must obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate (business license) unless exempted by law. To apply for an Occupation Tax Certificate/Business License, please follow this link to online and paper applications:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my property zoned?

Type the address of your property into the zoning map on our website to determine what district your property falls into. The zoning map is accessible under the GIS/Public Maps tab at the top of our webpage. Click on your parcel to bring up additional information.

What uses are allowed in my district?

Under the ZONING tab on our website is a link to the Zoning Regulations, published on Municode. Each district has a dedicated chapter that lists permitted uses, conditional uses, required minimum setbacks, and other development standards.

What do I need a zoning compliance for?

A zoning compliance, or zoning permit, is required for every new business and all construction in Macon-Bibb.

What is a conditional use vs. a permitted use?

A conditional use requires approval from the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission at a public hearing before a zoning compliance can be issued. A permitted use does not require an MBPZ Commission hearing, and the zoning compliance can be issued if development standards are met and all other relevant departments (MWA, DPH, Engineering, Fire, etc.) have approved the project.

Where can I make an application for zoning compliance?

On our homepage is a link to the Camino portal-> "Click here to submit a Zoning application." Camino is the submission portal for all zoning applications. If you need any assistance, please call us at 478-241-2554.

When is the next MBPZ Commission hearing?

We have approximately two hearings a month. The calendar is posted on the homepage of MBPZ website.

What is that P&Z sign for?

P&Z signs are placed on properties that have an ongoing project requiring an MBPZ Commission hearing. Visit our website to learn more about the project. Project plans are posted on the hearing agenda. If you can't find the right agenda, simply search the property address in our website's search bar.

My business needs a zoning compliance?

Follow the steps at the top of this page to determine if your business is allowed on the subject property. If you are unsure, call us at 478-241-2554. Submit an application through the Camino portal on our homepage. After you create the application, P&Z staff will be in touch with next steps. If you are applying for a new restaurant or taking ownership of an existing restaurant, you will need to obtain approval from the Department of Public Health and the Macon Water Authority before the zoning compliance can be issued.

Do I need a zoning compliance to put up a fence?

Yes, a zoning compliance is required before a fence can be erected. Submit an application through the Camino portal on our homepage. After you create the application, P&Z staff will be in touch with next steps.

Do I need a zoning compliance to put up a shed?

Yes. All accessory buildings (sheds, garages, carports, etc.) require a zoning compliance before they can be placed on a property. This includes pre-fabricated buildings.

Is my property in a Design Review District? Do I need a Certificate of Appropriateness for my project?

Any property zoned with an "H" or as "CBD" is in a Design Review District, and your construction project may require review by the Design Review Board (DRB) a Certificate of Appropriateness to be issued. Contact us at 478-241-2554 to learn more.

Can I place a manufactured home on my property?

Manufactured homes, also known as "mobile homes" or "trailers," are only permitted on properties zoned Manufactured Home Residential (MHR). On properties zoned Agricultural, a manufactured home may be allowed if approved by the MBPZ Commission at a public hearing. Follow the steps at the top of this page to determine what your property is zoned.

Can I place a tiny home on my property?

There are no zoning regulations explicitly prohibiting tiny homes on residential properties, however, those properties subject to Design Review standards (historic or CBD zonings) must receive approval from the Design Review Board. All residential structures are subject to building code requirements, which do have minimum living space standards. Contact the Office of Building and Fire Safety to learn more: 478-803-0466. Depending on the method of construction, the tiny home may be classified as a manufactured/mobile home under our zoning regulations in which case it would not be allowed on many residential properties. Contact us to learn more: 478-241-2554.

Click here to view Georgia Tiny House Fact Sheet.