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Coroner Office

Coroner Office

Coroner’s Jurisdiction.

The Coroner’s office is a twenty-four hour a day, seven-day a week operation which investigates and determines Cause and Manner of Death. Coroner Leon Jones and his staff investigate cases of homicide, suicide, accident and all natural deaths that are sudden, unexpected or medically unattended. The Coroner’s office is charged by Georgia Law to determine the Cause and Manner of Death by an extensive investigation which may include a post-mortem examination. This investigation is independent of the sheriff, police and/or fire departments but is done in conjunction with those other entities.

A post-mortem examination (autopsy) is ordered by this office only when it is vital in the determination of Cause and Manner of Death. When ordered by this office, a charge for the autopsy is never incurred by the family.

Our autopsies are only performed by a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist. Autopsies do not preclude an open casket viewing.

Mission and Goals

To provide investigations into all deaths requiring a public inquiry (including Coroner Inquests), and to determine and record the cause and manner of death in order to affix responsibility and protect public health and safety.

There exists an ever-growing influence of drugs and drug-related crimes and deaths, thus making it more and more important for the Coroner’s Office to be made up of well-trained, educated individuals who are dedicated to investigating all suspected deaths and completing death reports, as well as working with Law Enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Child Abuse Protocol Committee in studying the facts having to do with all deaths as to cause and manner. It continues to be very important that everyone in the Coroner’s office regularly attend educational seminars to keep abreast of any new advances in Death Investigation as they are developed.

Death Prevention Efforts

In the area of death prevention, the Coroner’s Office continues to take an active part in ascertaining areas of danger in Bibb County. Communication is maintained with Elected Officials and the Department of Transportation to increase awareness of Bibb County’s needs. The Coroner’s Office continues to work closely with the Judicial System, Law Enforcement Officials, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to prevent juvenile killings and help determine ways to keep juvenile offenders out of the State Prison System. Coroner Leon Jones and his Deputies have given over 88 speeches and interactive discussions in public/ private school classrooms, churches, and other civic associations in the 2009 calendar year alone. Drinking and Driving issues, Gun Safety, Drug Prevention, and Gang violence are just some of the issues addressed. The Bibb County Coroner’s office is also diligently working with the (Georgia) North Central Health District, Macon-Bibb first responders, hospitals, mortuaries, school systems, etc. to tackle health issues in the middle Georgia area if and when a worldwide Pandemic Influenza outbreak should occur.

International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners Accreditation

The Bibb County Coroner’s Office was awarded a certificate of Accreditation by the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners at the annual convention in York, Pennsylvania in June, 2006. Bibb County is the only Coroner’s Office in Georgia to be accredited by the IAC&ME’s International Standards. There are 130 standards in four areas: Administrative, Forensics, Investigative and Facilities that must be met in order to become certified. The International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners ( was established in 1927 to promote educational seminars for the purpose of assisting Coroners and Medical Examiners in the performance of their duties. The Association is committed to advancing the accurate determination of the cause and manner of death through utilization of science, medicine and law. Membership includes coroners and medical examiners from countries around the world.

Coroner Office

Phone: 478-310-4259

Address:111 Third St Macon, GA 31201.

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