Emergency Management Agency

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Emergency Management Agency


The Emergency Management Agency seeks to promote safer, less vulnerable Macon-Bibb County with the capacity to overcome hazards and disasters.


The Emergency Management Agency protects Macon-Bibb County by leading and coordinating activities necessary to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.

The Macon-Bibb County Approach

Macon-Bibb County Emergency Management Agency has been an integral part of our community since 1961. This agency implements the Local Emergency Operation Plan to lead and coordinate the emergency response for all county departments and community partners. Our EMA Staff’s personal qualifications are based on federal, state and industry mandated training requirements. We are committed to taking a proactive approach in preparing our community for emergencies and disasters.

Emergency Management Mission Areas

Prevention comprises the capabilities necessary to avoid, prevent or stop a threatened or actual act of terrorism. It is focused on ensuring we are optimally prepared in preventing a terrorist attack.

Protection provides the capabilities necessary to secure our community against natural disasters, manmade events or acts of terrorism.

Mitigation activities are undertaken to prevent a disaster, reduce the chances of an emergency happening, or reduce the damaging effects of unavoidable emergencies.

Response actions are taken to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs after a disaster has occurred.

Recovery includes actions taken to return to a normal, or even safer, situation following a disaster or emergency.