Macon-Bibb Fire Department

Chief Brenda Thomas

Chief Brenda Thomas

Prevention Chief
Macon-Bibb County Fire Department
Phone: 478-751-2700
Fire Prevention Office: 1111 First St Macon, GA 31201

The main purpose of this division is to save lives and property through education and prevention. Through this division, Fire Inspectors enforce codes that relate to life and fire safety. Macon and Bibb County has adopted the standard fire prevention codes of the Southern Building Code Congress International and all local codes which reference the NFPA standards and ordinances.

The division’s responsibilities are to:

  • Inspect all businesses at least once per year, enforcing all codes.
  • Check all gasoline and L.P. gas tank installations.
  • Check all new business license applications.
  • Check all new construction plans for water supply, access, and other important information.
  • Hold fire drills and fire safety programs throughout the county — schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Answer complaints in reference to lots, vacant houses, etc.
  • Make voluntary home inspections upon request.
  • Work closely with other enforcement agencies throughout the city and county.
  • Set occupant loads in all public places of assembly.
  • Set up fire brigades in industry and health care facilities and hold fire evacuation programs.
  • Work closely with architects and engineers in relation to building construction and water supply.
  • Attend community meetings with clubs, groups, etc., that are concerned with fire safety. Issue permits for burning, blasting, and fireworks.
  • Coordinate Smoke Detector Grants and programs in conjunction with the Georgia Division of Public Health.


Our Fire Safety Education Program is an instrument in educating all members of our community in the importance of fire safety. Our Fire Safety Officer is responsible for programs in the community such as: Smoke Detector and Community Education Program which includes visiting local Personal Care Homes, Nursing Homes, and Housing Authority residents to teach and promote fire safety.