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Administrative Function

The Administrative Function governs and manages all functions (Custodial, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, General Maintenance and Traffic Maintenance Operations) of the Facilities Management Department. One of our major objectives is to provide leadership in establishing and supporting standards of excellence in human resource management. This function provides administrative support in financial budgets, payrolls, purchasing, inventory control, warehouse operations, fleet management, records maintenance, contract negotiation and oversight, project management, energy management, receive and dispatch service requests, and conducts surveys on street light requests. In addition this function monitors and coordinates the dispatching of all trades to specific multi-trade jobs as well as any other administrative services.

Custodial Function

The Custodial Function performs custodial services and minor maintenance in most Macon-Bibb County owned and operated building. These services include repetitive cleaning work in the buildings and offices such as; sweep and mop floors, dust woodwork, furniture and other objects; varnish, shellac, and polish floors, furniture and brass; set up rooms for events, conferences and meetings; secure buildings; monitor safety signs and fire extinguishers needed in buildings; and assist other functions/departments as needed. This function is charged with providing clean, safe and efficient facilities for use by the employees and the general public.

Electrical Function

The Electrical Function installs, repairs and performs maintenance on all electrical systems in all facilities owned and operated by Macon-Bibb County. The systems maintained include: power distribution systems, new and temporary services, lighting control systems, and a wide array of styles and types of light fixtures. Provide installation, re-standing, removal of street light poles, bases, arms, light fixtures, lamps, etc. Fire alarm systems, door/security alarms, panic alarms. The analysis of all manner of electrical malfunctions and makes the necessary repairs to keep it operating. Parks and ball field lighting; maintenance/installation of scoreboards; and preventative maintenance programs on sirens, panic alarms, generators, etc. This function is responsible for maintaining and installing historical lights located in the Historic District along with roadway streetlights located in downtown Macon, Stinsonville Road, Stanislaus area, The Prado, I-75, I-16, and US80 at I-475. Maintains the electrical at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport and Macon Downtown Airport (Herbert Smart) buildings including airfield lighting and controls (regulators, taxiway lighting, runway lighting, emergency beacon lights, and approach lights). Provides electrical support, to include installation, preparations, and repairs for nonprofit organizations, such as; Cherry Blossom Festival and Christmas Lighting. Assists other functions as needed. Personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General Maintenance Function

The General Maintenance Function performs new construction as well as repairs and renovations to all buildings and facilities owned and operated by Macon-Bibb County. The maintenance function includes: repair or replace walls, floors, floor coverings, roofs, windows, doors, awnings, steps, ramps, railings, benches, locks, hasps, hinges, door closures, book cases, cabinets, shelving, furniture, and paint; responsible for all framing of resolutions, documents, and certificates. Installs posts and scoreboards; build specialty items such as desks, cabinets, tables, and shelving. Build stairs/steps, ramps, benches, etc. Inspect and provide specifications and cost estimates for roof, renovations, repairs, etc. Repair/remodel leased spaces throughout Macon-Bibb County buildings and facilities. Assists other functions as needed.

HVAC Function

The HVAC Function installs, repairs and performs maintenance on all heating and air condition systems in buildings and facilities owned and operated by Macon-Bibb County. The systems maintained include: all types of boiler and circulating pump systems, all types of chilled water systems, all types and sizes of DX units, all types of control systems, cooling towers, energy recovery units, enthalpy wheels, and fire sprinkler systems, restroom ventilation fans, exhaust fans, vent hoods, makeup air, furnace vents, water heater vents, and air cleaning systems; air conditioning units, refrigerators, drinking fountains, and ice machines; installs, maintains, and operates all types of building automation systems; installs and fabricates duct work (sheet metal and duct board), sheet metal covers, enclosures and hoods. Assists other functions as needed. Also have personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plumbing Function

The Plumbing Function installations, repairs and performs maintenance on all plumbing systems in buildings and facilities owned and operated by Bibb County. The systems maintained include: all types of pipes, fittings, drains and valves; regulates water pressures; maintains water heaters and water coolers; maintains restroom facilities, showers, sprinkler systems; maintains pump stations and irrigation systems; installs and tests backflow preventors; unstop sanitary lines, drains, pipes, etc. Assists other functions as needed. Also have personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Traffic Maintenance Operations (Signals & Signs)

The Traffic Maintenance Operations Function installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on all traffic control devices, signage, and markings throughout Macon-Bibb County. Traffic control signs and markings are in accordance with the standards set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), federal, state, and local governing agencies. Currently this function maintains 383 traffic control devices (which includes school flashers, overhead flashers, reversible lane changes, and signalized intersections); installs and maintains over 1 million signs (traffic control, directional, warning, guide, and street name, etc.), and posts; paints roadways, parking lots, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, airport runways, and taxi lines; fabricates traffic control and general information signs, as well as signs for departments, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations; complete sign inspections; mark vehicles; install/repair/eradicate traffic control pavement markings. This function also maintains, tests, and repairs 106 miles of fiber optic cable in and around Macon-Bibb County. This fiber is supporting the communication link to over 130 traffic signal intersections. Also supports the fiber for the Macon-Bibb County’s telephone system; repairs and maintains 32 video camera systems; performs preventative maintenance. Assists other departments as needed. Also have personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..