Macon-Bibb County

Helpful Tips

When you are in a crisis situation, stay calm, and answer the questions asked by our Communications Officer. The quicker we can determine the nature of your service request – the quicker help will arrive. Our Communications Officers are skilled in multi-tasking so as soon as the urgency of your situation is determined the appropriate public safety entity is dispatched and/or notified. The Communications Officer may continue to ask questions in an effort to ensure the responding units are aware of all possible circumstances surrounding the emergency so please provide answers to the questions that are asked or you.

Be prepared to answer (at a minimal) the following basic questions:

  1. Where is your emergency?
  2. What is your emergency?
  3. How did the emergency occur?
  4. When did the emergency occur?
  5. What is your name?
  6. What is the phone number you are calling from?