Public Notice
  • No personal or outside grills. They are not allowed at any of our parks run by Parks & Beautification. No exceptions!
  • No bouncy houses or water slides at any of our parks ran by parks & beautification. No exceptions!
  • No car shows at any of our parks run by Parks & Beautification. No exceptions!
  • No food trucks at any of our parks run by Parks & Beautification. No exceptions!
  • No animal shows or any activities. These shows are not allowed to be in our around any Macon-Bibb county rental facilities.

About Us

The Parks and Beautification Department provides complete services for all passive parks, cemeteries and downtown corridors including landscaping, tree canopies, irrigation, fountains, litter control, community partnership programs and special events. These functions are divided into three divisions: Park Services, Forestry Services and Special Events/Community Services. Park Services includes:
  • Operations and upkeep of more than 75 passive parks and green spaces, including more than (5) miles of paved walking trails
  • Operations and upkeep of (4) historical cemeteries
  • Project coordination and partnerships with Knight Foundation grants in public space
  • Maintenance and upkeep of downtown streetscapes, public alleys and (12) fountains
Forestry Services includes:
  • Complete forestry services for all of Macon-Bibb County including tree and canopy maintenance, tree removal and reforestation of more than 250 trees annually.
  • Maintenance of all flowers and shrubs in the downtown area, parks and facilities.
  • Design, installation and management of all beautification projects in public spaces.
Special Events / Community Services includes:
  • Permitting and coordination of all Special Events -Road Races, Concerts, Performances, Festivals, Parades, Marches/Protest’s/Rally’s and Road Closures.
  • Filming liaison for all movie, music video and television productions in public spaces.
  • Promoting and coordinating public/private partnerships for public space planning, public art, green spaces, trails and beautification projects with community partners.


To preserve and promote our natural, cultural and historic resources while striving to enrich the quality of life and economic growth through active community partnerships, promoting special events, enhancing green spaces and protecting our environment for future generations.


It is our desire for the Parks and Beautification Department to ensure future growth and development throughout Macon-Bibb County through teamwork, green practices, responsible conservation, community partnerships and business involvement.

Michael Glisson


Parks and Beautification Department

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